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  • A Letter to My 32-Year-Old Self

    As I wrote the title for this post, I had to sit down and calculate the years to see if I was indeed turning 32 today. Well, it turns out, I am. I’m surprised each year when my birthday rolls around ...

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    A Letter to My 32-Year-Old Self
  • The Birthday Countdown

    My apologies for the radio silence around here lately. Between a hectic travel schedule, a busy month at work, and the usual adulting responsibilities, my time has been rather tight. But all that ...

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    The Birthday Countdown
  • 24-Hours in Philadelphia

    My crazy travel schedule continues! A quick weekend trip took me to Philadelphia, where I toured Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, walked around the beautiful neighborhood of Society Hill, and finished ...

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    24-Hours in Philadelphia
  • The November Agenda

    My birthday month is finally here! That’s right…I said month…because I actually plan on celebrating for the entire month. Aside from my birthday, November is easily one of my favorite months—I’m just ...

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    The November Agenda
  • Embracing Halloween as an Adult

    It's been many years since I've been at an age where it was still appropriate to Trick-or-Treat. Since those years are now long gone, I've mainly lost interest in Halloween. Sure, I love decorating a ...

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    Embracing Halloween as an Adult