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  • The January Agenda

    The first month of the New Year always feels like the busiest time, does it not? Between trying to keep up those resolutions (or intentions, in my case), dealing with erratic weather, and just getting ...

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    The January Agenda
  • Barre for Survival

    One intention I set for myself this year was to work out more often and to try different types of fitness classes. So, when Lauren of Chi Chi Life reached out and asked if I would like to participate ...

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    Barre for Survival
  • Winter, Workouts, and the Weekend

    The weather this week went from downright freezing (think lots of layers and snow boots) to feeling somewhat warm—for January. The snow from our storm only one week ago has all but melted…just in time ...

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    Winter, Workouts, and the Weekend
  • To Cut or Not To Cut?

    I waiver back and forth between cutting my hair a little shorter or leaving it at its current just-below-the-shoulders length (and keeping the little bit of color in the ends that still remains from ...

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    To Cut or Not To Cut?
  • How I Quit Sugar (Without Really Trying)

    We are a week into the New Year—the time when a lot of those resolutions begin to slip by the wayside. I know, I’ve been there, thinking to myself, ‘I’ll start that clean eating routine…tomorrow’ and ...

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    How I Quit Sugar (Without Really Trying)