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  • Riding in the Rain With Redingote Equestrian

    We've all been there—we have a fun activity planned, we've checked the weather a thousand times, and then Mother Nature decides to switch gears and give us some rain. Perhaps we can change the day, ...

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    Riding in the Rain With Redingote Equestrian
  • Memories from Montauk

    I turned 34-years-old a week ago and decided to embark on a little 24-hour getaway to Montauk on the east end of Long Island to celebrate. While my birthday looked very different this year—there was ...

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    Memories from Montauk
  • A Note From My 34-Year-Old Self

    Who knew when they said hindsight is 20/20 that they were talking about the year 2020?! The last thing I could have imagined when I wrote this post to myself a year ago was that there would be a ...

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    A Note From My 34-Year-Old Self
  • Back in the Saddle

    I'm excited to finally share this post and introduce you to the four-legged friend that has captured my heart (and stolen my Saturdays). Meet the sweetest Quarter Horse who has been a gentle and ...

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    Back in the Saddle
  • The November Agenda

    Well, the last few weeks have been rather interesting, have they not? I’ve been trying to return to my little corner on the Internet for quite some time, but have been finding that I have both too ...

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    The November Agenda