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  • The January Agenda

    The first month of a new year is always filled with a mix of emotions—hope, excitement, and even a little trepidation about what’s to come. As I begin to execute some of my 2021 goals, I’m feeling ...

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    The January Agenda
  • My 2021 Goals

    It’s fair to say that for most, a lot of things were put on hold (or went by the wayside altogether) in 2020, both personally and professionally. While I’m not one to set a ton of goals, intentions, ...

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    My 2021 Goals
  • Relax at Revive Health Studio

    If you are still recovering from the last few weeks of 2020, know that you are not alone. The stress of holiday decorating, ordering gifts online, and tracking deliveries is enough to make anyone feel ...

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    Relax at Revive Health Studio
  • Later, 2020!

    Well, friends, we have finally come to the end of 2020 (all 3,365 days of it!). And what a doozy of a year it has been. I was recently flipping through my 2020 planner when I stopped to marvel at how ...

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    Later, 2020!
  • The Countdown to Christmas

    Did anyone else do a double-take when they looked at their calendar and saw that Christmas was this Friday? I certainly did. I for sure thought I had another week to go. In what has felt like the most ...

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    The Countdown to Christmas