Wonderful Wednesday


Wednesday has become my new favorite day of the week! Maybe it is because I know the weekend isn’t too far off, or the stress of Monday and Tuesday has become a distant memory, but on this day I get an hour and a half of pure relaxation in the form of a very early yoga class. I know the thought of getting up earlier than one needs to is never pleasant (especially since I love sleeping in and object to anything that starts before 10 am), but for a mid-week yoga class I somehow summon the strength.

I have practiced yoga inconsistently for years; however, this past July, after looking for a way to stay in shape, I found yoga to be the natural option. After my first class, courtesy of Lululemon, I was hooked! I spent the rest of the summer and fall attending their weekly (free!) yoga classes every Sunday morning. I would walk into the store stiff and tired from a long week, and exit feeling renewed and ready to tackle the challenges of the new week.

Now, after I have found a few more yoga classes to love and a wonderful app for my Ipad (Studio Yoga), that rejuvenated feeling doesn’t have to be reserved for Sundays.

Today I dedicate my yoga practice to a wonderful friend, who taught me so much and left this earth too soon – In loving memory of Gaelle Spence.


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