Waiting for the Weekend


While waiting for the weekend to finally arrive, here’s what I thought about this week:

Coming to the realization that I can no longer sleep in on weekends because I have too much to do makes me feel like an actual adult.

Finally having spring arrive in my neck-of-the-woods, only to be able to feel sun on my face when I leave the office makes me long for my childhood days when I got summers off.

Going to Trader Joe’s under the pretense of getting healthier snacks only to find mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups found their way into my basket is both depressing and thrilling at the same time (What can I say – old habits die hard).

Rationalizing eating said peanut butter cups in the span of two nights with the “I go to the gym every day” speech works in my book!

Being happy to see Wednesday before realizing that I still have two more days to go before having any chance of relaxing doesn’t make the fact that it is mid-week seem so liberating. However, the rare Starbucks treat on the way to work makes it all better (and again on Thursday afternoon).

And finally, after waiting all week for the weekend, I know I will cram as much into two days as possible, and will be even more exhausted come Monday.

Until next weekend…



  1. A word of wisdom from my acupuncturist: if you are going to have chocolate, make it really good chocolate. So, get the Trader Joe’s dark Belgian chocolate pudding, have a spoonful a day, and you’ll be happy and healthy.

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