A Vacation to Remember


Since my next vacation isn’t scheduled for a few more months, I thought reminiscing over photos from one of my favorite destinations to date would be a good sanity break.

I have traveled extensively over the last five years, but my most memorable time away has been in Portugal. I visited in August 2011, and had beautiful weather almost every day during my two week stay. I cannot say enough positive things about this country – the people were warm and inviting, the food was excellent (I had the best calamari of my life and Pastéis de Nata’s as my daily dessert), and it was a beautiful place to explore.

For me, a vacation calls for warm weather and access to a beach, or at the very least water views. Portugal definitely delivered both. While the majority of my time was spent in Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril were my two favorite stops. I would highly recommend renting a car and driving from Lisbon to Porto. It’s a scenic drive with plenty to see along the way.

And if you find yourself in Cascais, stop in at Santini’s for some amazing gelato!












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