The Sweet Life


Every now and then I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes this comes in the form of a day at the spa, or a walk on the beach, but more often than not, lately it has been the crêpe cafe in Port Jefferson, New York. Making matters worse, this charming establishment is mere minutes from my office, posing as a tempting alternative to the healthier options I try to surround myself with.

Sweet ‘n’ Savory almost has too much character and personality for one space. If the creative crêpe menu doesn’t blow you away, then the black walls with vintage one-liner signs and leopard decor might do it. For the intrepid diner, go ahead and read the menu – but be warned, each tasty treat will sound better than the last. As the name implies, this place is not just for the sinful, breakfast-all-day kind of eater, there are healthier options on the menu (although trust me, if you read the menu, the healthier options just aren’t as much fun and kind of defeat the purpose of the visit).

I have been here many times – reading the menu over and over, trying to convince myself to try some of the savory crêpes (which I have broken down and done, and they are good), but somehow the sweet side of my brain always gets its way. During my most recent visit for brunch, I brought along a friend who had never been before. Just when I thought I had it down pat, they go ahead and change up their menu, and have the audacity to add a breakfast menu to further confuse us! The two of us stood there for what felt like an eternity trying to just choose one item off the even more decadent menu.

Finally – a decision, but is it the right one? Oh well, there is always another order next time. I was torn between the cannoli crêpe with cannoli creme, chocolate chips, and whipped cream and the broken Oreos crêpe, with white and milk chocolate, ice cream, and whipped creme. The former won out by a narrow margin. Now the hard part – waiting for my food. I can see it being made. I see all the lovely, yummy ingredients going inside. It is being folded and prepped for its arrival on the table. It has arrived!

20140424-193137.jpg 20140424-193727.jpg

It is just as delicious and decadent as it looks. The cannoli creme melted perfectly inside the crêpe and the chocolate chips added the right amount sweetness. If you manage to finish your crêpe and still have room left for some more treats, try the rice pudding that they feature in some pretty elaborate flavors.

Overall, this kitschy place will leave you wanting to come back again – even if only to read all the signs on the walls! One word of warning – it can get crowded at lunch time, so make sure you have ample time to wait as your creation is being made, or call ahead to order if you are the decisive kind and want to skip the drama of endlessly perusing the menu and second-guessing your decision.

Editor’s note – The broken Oreos crêpe is a force to be reckoned with. Only incredibly daring choc-o-holic’s should attempt.



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