Long Island Restaurant Week – Part Three


Next up on my list of places to try was the Old Fields Restaurant in Greenlawn, New York. On Friday, I decided to have another look at the participating restaurants and this place caught my eye. Another restaurant was actually reserved for that evening, but after noticing that this place was offering their regular menu as part of Restaurant Week, it looked too good to pass up.

Since the restaurant did not take reservations for small parties, I was prepared for quite a wait on a Friday evening. It was crowded, and lots of people were waiting both inside and out. I added my name to the waiting list and was told it would be about 45 minutes until a table opened up. I decided to head to the bar and celebrate the end of another long week by indulging in a Ruby Red martini. It hit the spot! Shortly after receiving my drink, I was met by a pleasant voice telling me my table was ready. The dining area was very charming, featuring an exposed brick wall, small wooden tables, and a fireplace.



After being seated, I was promptly greeted by a bubbly waitress who went over the menu. Again, I needed a minute or two to review all of my tasty options. At first glance, the Fish & Chips caught my eye, but after a closer inspection, the 12-ounce Kobe burger was the clear winner.

Before my order arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a small cup of potato leeks soup from the tasting menu, courtesy of the restaurant. It was excellent – very creamy, and not too salty. Next, my appetizer of popcorn chicken was in front of me. This, too, was perfectly cooked and seasoned. It was addictive. I could not stop eating it to leave room for my entrée.



Much like the appetizer, the Kobe burger was quite sizable and included an order of fries. I always order my burgers medium rare, with a heavy emphasis on the rare part. I think I took two bites of the burger before I felt full, but it was so good that I could not resist indulging a little more. Fearing that I would not have room for dessert, I decided to call it quits on the burger after eating more than half of it.


After the appetizer and entrée, I can happily say this restaurant did not disappoint. I had very high expectations for dessert, and those too were far surpassed. After careful review of the dessert menu, I opted for the brownie sundae. A personal favorite of mine since childhood, when I see it on the menu anywhere it is a no-brainer. I was hoping that the dessert would take a while so I could try and work-up an appetite, but like the rest of the meal, it came out right on time. Even though I was no longer hungry, the warm brownie was irresistible and I somehow managed to polish it off.


I have to say this restaurant quickly won my heart. On top of having a wonderful meal, departing with two warm chocolate chip cookies, again, courtesy of the restaurant, is sure to leave a lasting impression. I thought the service was top-notch, and the food and presentation was perfection. I loved the ambiance the restaurant afforded when I walked in. It had a historic charm, and reminded me of one of the taverns I used to frequent often in D.C. I will surely be back to the Old Fields Restaurant either for lunch with friends or for another dinner, and I know it will make it onto my list for the next Restaurant Week.

Congratulations Dr. Green on your new job!



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