Waiting for the Weekend


As another weekend approaches, I thought I would share some highlights from last weekend…

First off, it is perfectly acceptable to still be reminiscing about the excitement of last weekend. Not only did we enjoy beautiful spring weather both days on Long Island, but Restaurant Week ended Sunday, and thus concluded my week of fabulous dining!

On Saturday, I was able to make it to one of my favorite spots – West Neck Beach in Huntington, NY for a day of beach photography, and even though I took over one hundred photos, I never managed to capture the shot I was trying for.



A stop at a local boutique in Huntington Village made up for the fact that my photographic eye was a bit shaky that day. In fact my inner fashionista was still working perfectly, and I picked-up what just might be the purchase of the season! More to come on that next week…

After a quick stroll through the Village, a stop at Heckscher Park was in order to see the tulips ahead of the annual Tulip Festival.




On Sunday, I stopped at the Maritime Festival in Port Jefferson, NY, visited a farmer’s market, and had brunch at Sweet ‘n’ Savory – and yes, the cannoli crêpe was as irresistible as ever (for more on one of the best crêpe places on Long Island, see my post from April 25th).


And what weekend would be complete without a stop at Ulta to purchase a new Stila lipstick in a color I have been dying try?

Happy Friday!


One comment

  1. Your best photo was of the crepe, you know. More seriously, my wife once took a photo in California that came out perfectly, and she just held up the phone and did it. Oh, well.

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