Passing the Barre


Lately, I have been hearing much about the Pure Barre workout. Since my spring yoga classes have ended, and fearing that I have indulged in one-too-many chocolate croissants in the past week, I thought it was time to give this a try.

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I assumed a ballet barre was involved but was prepared for little else. Before the class, I visited the Pure Barre website and read about what to wear for the class: workout attire is preferred and sticky socks are recommended. I think after my many yoga classes and shopping trips to Athleta to purchase said workout attire, I had the first part of the required items covered. Sticky socks, however — I’m not sure I have ever found a need for those and therefore wouldn’t even know where to look for them.

Upon arriving at the studio, while filling out the standard waiver, I decided to ask whether I really needed the sticky socks. Since this was my first class, I was advised that regular socks would be fine, but if I continued with weekly classes I would probably want to buy a pair. For those like me who don’t have the proper socks in your closet, not to fear: you can purchase them at the Pure Barre studio for $12-15.

Now that I knew my attire would suffice, I grabbed a pair of weights, a small ball, and an elastic band for stretching before the class began. The studio was equipped with a long ballet bar facing a mirror. So far, it seemed like what I envisioned.

We began by doing simple exercises meant to get your heart rate up – squats and kicks, and then added weights to the exercises. I began to see that this was not just a ballet class! Next up we were at the ballet barre, parallel to the mirror. The exercises were getting progressively more difficult and I could feel my muscles begin to quiver a bit. We had to hold many poses and repeat movements. Lastly, we did mat work and a series of ab exercises. After 55 minutes, the class was over and I felt like every muscle in my body was invigorated.

Overall, I am glad I gave the Pure Barre craze a try, although I think I will stick to my yoga. Great workout? Sure! Relaxing? Um, I guess that depends on your definition. By the way, were you wondering why we needed sticky socks? You are working out on carpeting, so the socks prevent slipping at the bar. I can see using them, but I thought regular socks were fine. At least I’m glad I “passed the barre.”

Happy Monday!



  1. I too always hear about the baree trend and wondered about it- I love Soul Cycle on weekends but its very pricey so this might be a nice alternative! 🙂

    Christina, Esq.

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