Need a Laugh?


Now that the weather has finally decided to cooperate and actually feel like June, it has been more enjoyable to make weekend plans that involve the great outdoors. This weekend I decided to step out of my realm of normal activities to stop in at a comedy show in Port Jefferson, NY. I have only been to a comedy club once before, but I found the experience enjoyable enough to keep it on my list of things to do again.

If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that visits to Port Jefferson are a frequently recurring theme. I absolutely love this historic village on the water. It is one of the best places to enjoy a leisurely day of shopping, grab a crêpe for brunch, or just get lost wandering the cute side streets nestled off the beaten path.

First up for the night was dinner at Pasta Pasta. Although earlier than most normal dinners for me (around 5 p.m.), it was nice to eat in a quiet restaurant and have a table by the window, overlooking the restaurant next door with an outdoor seating area, which made for some good people-watching.



For my appetizer I ordered the calamari. It was cooked well and had just the right amount of General Tao’s sauce drizzled on it for some added flavor. Next up for my entrée was the marinated flat iron steak cooked medium rare. This too was well prepared and very tender. The pièce de résistance was the chocolate brownie with blackberry ice cream for dessert.



After dinner, finding myself with some time before the comedy show began, I walked around the harbor admiring the yachts. It was such a perfect night – the air had the warmth of summer, people were out and about, and the sun was just beginning to set.


Next up on the agenda for the evening – a good laugh! The comedy show at Theatre Three began around 8 p.m. I made sure to try and snag a table in the back that was obscured from the comedians’ view (anyone who watched the Sex and the City episode with Miranda at the comedy club will understand my decision).

Our host for the evening was Maria Walsh, a.k.a., The Naughty Mommy. She was beyond hysterical with some really great one-liners. And yes, she did pick on the people in the front row–almost relentlessly! Feeling somewhat vindicated with my decision to sit farther back, I relaxed and enjoyed the three comedians of the evening. Although I can’t say that they had the most amazing material I’ve ever heard, they certainly were entertaining and it was good to just sit and laugh!

Happy Monday!


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