The Art of the Arch


To me, nothing looks more polished than having well groomed brows. For years I plucked my eyebrows with a heavy hand. There were the high school days, when I relished the ultra-thin brow. Then came college, when I began to appreciate a fuller, more defined brow. And now, I go almost monthly to have my brows shaped by an expert.

I began having my eyebrows waxed about seven years ago. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it myself, but rather I resented the time and agony that accompanied tweezing, combined with the fear of over-plucking. I remember my first trip to have my eyebrows done like it was yesterday. I made an appointment at Aveda because I thought they would use good products that would not irritate my skin (years later, I still go to Aveda and am always pleased with the end result). I remember telling the woman that I didn’t want thin brows, just a natural neat shape. With little pain, she was done in mere minutes and I walked out with almost no redness or irritation and very nice eyebrows.

For the last four years, I have been going to the same expert at Aveda. I had never thought the experience could be relaxing, but she is so knowledgeable that I know my brows are in good hands. She begins by removing any eye make-up and then primes the skin. Then she trims the top of my brows. Next, she applies the wax to the bottom brow-line and then the top. I appreciate that she always remembers to use the sensitive skin wax on me! She finishes by plucking any “stragglers” that escaped the wax’s grip and puts a soothing oil over my eyebrows to prevent future irritation.

In between waxing appointments, I do a little maintenance with the tweezers, but am careful not to interfere with the shape of my brows that has taken so long to achieve. As strange as it may sound, I look forward to having my eyebrows done at Aveda and love the freshly waxed look. I just wish they would stay like that for the entire month!


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