Waiting for the Weekend


Ahhhh…at last! The weekend has arrived. I was beginning to think it got lost or somehow I slept through the two most glorious days of the week. This week was hectic, but some great reading got me through it. Here’s what I’ve enjoyed:

Patience – thecollegeprepster.com
Anyone who knows me recognizes that I am not the most naturally patient person in the world. As I’ve gotten older, I have been trying to work on it, and this post offers insight into this important virtue.

The Decoder: Beach Bag Beauty Essentials – camillestyles.com
Who doesn’t like seeing what other people carry in their bags? As a lover of the sand and sea (and frequent beach-goer, in case you haven’t noticed), I am always searching for new products to tote along with me. I love the items that made it onto the list, and I will certainly be adding a few of them to my own beach bag (hello You Smell Luxury Paper Soap!).

10 Things You Need to Know About Social Media – theeverygirl.com
I have been reading a lot of good articles about social media lately, but I thought this one gave a great overview of how to promote your brand.

Career Profile: Jennifer Taylor, Social Media and Public Relations Associate at Jack Rogers – thepreppypostgrad.com
This may be my favorite interview (ever?). I have loved Jack Rogers, both the brand and the sandal, since high school. My first pair of Jacks are still alive and well! I relish reading about Jennifer’s day-to-day work at the company; she does a fabulous job creating the voice for its social media.

What do you enjoy reading? Any good posts you’d like to share?

Happy Friday, my Steil-ish friends!



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