Polished in Peplum



Top: Phillip Lim | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Michael Kors | Lipstick: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – Carina

Ever have a day where you just wanted to get dressed up and feel glamorous? Even if the social event for the day is only your office, I say go for it!

I may be slightly over-dressed for a Wednesday at the office, but I couldn’t resist pairing my Phillip Lim peplum with a pencil skirt from H&M. The summer might be all about color and prints that pop, but this girl has a lot of black in her closet (and isn’t afraid to wear it!). If I’m feeling lazy when it comes time to decide on an outfit, it’s black pants…. Don’t know what to wear to work, throw on a black skirt….Need something to wear out, I grab the Little Black Dress. You get the idea! Black is so versatile and easily translates from day to night and formal to functional.


This Phillip Lim top has earned a coveted spot as a work-wear accouterment. I have quite the love affair with peplums (in case you have any doubts, see this post), but the ‘bling’ around the collar really dresses it up and obviates the need for accessories. I have worn it in the past with skinny jeans, but I was pleased with how formal and polished the look became with a pencil skirt.

So yes, I was the one who looked like I missed the memo that Wednesday was a work day (and a dress-down day on top of it), but I just had to show my loyalty to a couple of items in my closet that were feeling neglected.


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