Shop Till You Drop


As another un-summer-like weekend passes, I was again left last-minute to revamp my plans. The last two weekends have been disappointing in terms of temperature and clouds. Both weekends required the cancellation of outdoor activities and relegated me to the confines of my house. That was fine for one weekend, but certainly not two.

I decided to venture out on Saturday under the guise of running a few “errands,” but quickly found my way to the Nordstrom Rack. For those who missed it, I was there a few weeks ago and picked up the most amazing Zigi Soho shoes (catch the post here). It was during that visit that I spotted a pair of black and white Jack Roger wedges and regrettably I passed them up. Since then, I have not been able to get those shoes out of my mind. I have been wearing Jacks since high school (which is longer than I would like to admit). My first pair were brown with pink and turquoise stones. I loved them! They have graduated from College with me, seen countless countries and transitioned with me as I moved on to my first job. I think it is now time to retire those tired sandals and move on to something that will also work for the office. And since the Jacks I foolishly passed on the first time around were still there when I went back to The Rack, I feel like I was meant to have them. The Hamptons Mid Wedge is a new Jack Rogers style for me and the perfect height – not too high to make walking around all day unpleasant, and not as low as a flat. The fact that they are a neutral color will also make them a little easier to pass as suitable summer work attire.


My next purchase was slightly more frivolous. I have been donning skull motifs since Ed Hardy was cool, and for some reason, I still like dainty little skulls. So when I spotted a pair of grey shorts with ever-so-subtle skulls gracing the front and back, I had to snag them. I have no clue where I will actually wear them, other than on those rainy days when I am stuck indoors, but hey, every girl has her vice.


Finally, no shopping excursion would be complete without a new accessory (or two…stackable rings from The Rack). Although I had never heard of this store before, Charming Charlie is worth a pit stop if you happen to have one near you (and conveniently located next to the Nordstrom Rack in this case). Prepare yourself for sensory overload because this place has it all – clothing, jewelry and accessories in every shape, style and color. This color-coordinated store had some of the season’s hottest trends. I ended up settling on an orange trifold wallet with a black and white striped pattern on the inside. My favorite detail is the gold turn-style clasp to make opening and closing it a little more exciting – think bank vault. I have long favored using a wristlet as a substitute for a wallet; however, for $18 I couldn’t resist this purchase.

Happy Monday!



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