What’s in My Bag


My make-up bag is a vital part of my existence. It is one of the first things I reach for in the morning and is a large part of my daily routine. So what’s in my bag of tricks, you might ask?

I’ve never been an exclusive brand buyer. I’ve used a slew of products from different companies at one time or another — from high-end to drugstore brands — but all that changed this past February when I was introduced to Stila. As I mentioned in my first make-up post, I have rather temperamental skin (if you missed the post, catch it here). Over the years, I would use one product and get great results, only to be searching for something else a few short months later because it began to irritate my skin.

My beloved bag now includes exclusively Stila products, which agree with my skin, afford a natural look with good coverage, and last all day. I love their liquid foundation and loose powder as much as their shadows, liners and lipsticks. My most recent purchase was their Mile High Lashes mascara. It should come as no surprise – I am now a huge fan! Although $25 for mascara is more than I would typically spend (mascara was the only part of my make-up regimen that was not from Stila’s line), the enticing sale in which the mascara came with a free smudge stick in Stingray (black) was too good to pass up.


The other day my package from Stila arrived at the front door, wrapped in pink tissue paper. I was so excited to try my new mascara. The one thing that makes this product stand out is the brush. Of all the mascaras I have used, this is one of the more nicely made, sturdier brushes. While combing, the brush maximizes volume and prevents clumping. Each lash receives a generous coating of mascara without feeling heavy and weighed down. And if you haven’t tried using smudge sticks to line your eyes, let me just say they are great. I have been using eyeliner since high school and have tried everything from liquid liners to pencils to eye shadow with a thin brush. The smudge stick is the perfect blend of all three, and it is easy to apply.

Overall, I am very happy with the new additions I have added to my Stila family. And just in case you were wondering – no, this is not a sponsored post, but Stila, if you are reading, keep up the good work and make more products for me (and my skin!) to love!


One comment

  1. I am kind of a brand fan when it comes to products, I rotate but I tend to end up with my favorites and agree that Stila is one of them! I am currently obsessed with the Stay All Day Lip Vinyl- its softer and smoother than the liquid lipstick and still has staying power. I am loving Melon and Terracotta.

    Christina, Esq.

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