Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air

Now that August has officially ended, I feel slightly better about beginning to scope out items for my fall wish list (although this week is going to feel more like summer than summer actually did!). Something about starting my shopping during those precious warm summer months just feels like I’m not giving the season the respect it deserves.

A few of these items I have been ogling for a while (hello Tory Burch riding boots), while others have only recently won an enviable place on my list (leopard flats, anyone?). The C. Wonder jacket has been on my radar for at least a year. I love the preppy vibe, and its light weight makes it an obvious choice for those late fall mornings when a chill sets in the air. And what would fall be without a vest from J. Crew? My point exactly – it had to make the list as well. But, seriously? Can we talk about the coat from Emerson Fry? This is my latest obsession. I have been crushing on long, tailored coats since my early college days. I find the sleek silhouette very flattering. Even though I own quite a few coats like this, in varying weights and colors, I would like to welcome this one into my closet.

And of course, every girl needs some new lipsticks to accompany the change of season. I have been sporting a bright lip all summer, and I don’t think that’s going to change for fall. Instead of coral, I am swapping it for the lighter pinks and bold reds.

Although I procrastinated a bit, I’m (finally!) beginning to get excited about fall fashion – particularly those days that call for a blazer, my favorite pair of skinny jeans (which just may be in camo this year!) and a pair of riding boots.

*Since September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, every Thursday on the blog will be Thyroid Thursday. Here you will find posts with information about thyroid cancer, neck checks and ways to raise awareness. Check back tomorrow!



  1. that peplum printed top is to die for- I love it! Have you tried the top shop lipstick? Ive seen them on some blogs and love the shade but was hesitating to make the purchase. Love to know your thoughts if youve tried them out!

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