Working on the Workspace – Part II

Working on the Workspace - Part II

Ceiling light

Light bulb lamp
$485 –

Contemporary lighting
$205 –

Eiffel tower table lamp
$45 –

Wool area rug

Square area rug

Interior wall decor
$120 –

Black furniture

Computer desk

My lofty goal of having my home office completed by end of summer may have been slightly ambitious. In an effort to speed up the process, I have decided to put a few of my favorite items, and some from my wish list, together to serve as much needed inspiration. During a late-night Target run last week I managed to pick out a rug, similar to the ones I’ve been eyeing for a while and those shown in this post. Now that I have the desk (the glass L-shaped desk shown in the post is my actual desk circa three years ago) and the rug, I feel like I can finally start to work on the decor. While I would love to have a glass chandelier hanging from my office, I doubt that will become a reality…but a girl can dream!



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