Seeing Spots

Seeing Spots

On a whim, I decided to stop at H&M on my lunch break the other day. I have been good about limiting my shopping this fall, but there are a few things on my wish list that I would really like to acquire. One of those things is more leopard print!

It’s rare that I actually leave the office for lunch, but the thought of shopping for an hour made a dull Monday seem bright. As I speed-walked into the mall, I made a mental note of the items I had in my closet and those I was looking for. The usually bustling H&M was silent – the perfect time to shop! Since I had the store practically to myself, I did a quick walk-through before zeroing in on what I was looking for. Lots of sweaters and blazers made it hard to resist the impulse purchase, but I remained focused and wandered off to a small corner of the store. It was there that I spotted spots!

Seeing Spots

I’m picky with my animal prints. I tend to shy away from overly dramatic looks, preferring a more subtle style. As I pulled the dress from the rack, it was just what I wanted. The print wasn’t too bold, but it still made a statement and the length was office-appropriate. The best part was that the dress was $7. Yes, my friends, $7! With a price like that, I decided it wasn’t even worth trying on. I happily paid for my new dress and left the store – with enough time to stop at J. Crew and Banana Republic. All in all, this was a very successful lunch hour. I left the office, got some exercise, purchased something new, and didn’t break the bank in the process.



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