Getting in the Spirit

Z Gallerie Metallic Glam Skull

I have never been a huge fan of Halloween. It was fun as a child when you had a half day at school, followed by a costume parade and then trick-or-treating. But once the costume phase passes and it’s no longer acceptable to go around asking for candy, it’s just another day on the calendar. With that said, there are things about Halloween that I embrace. I love going pumpkin picking – although in recent years, I haven’t had to go far, as some have begun growing in the backyard garden. I still get excited when pumpkin spiced lattes make their debut at Starbucks. And I am more than happy to add some spooky décor to the house.

This year, I feel differently about Halloween. I can’t explain why that is, but something about these past few weeks have had me secretly smiling when Grandin Road emails arrived in my inbox showcasing the latest creepy creations. Perhaps it has something to do with all the blogs I have been reading offering amazing Halloween décor and party ideas. I surely will not be dressed up as anything, nor will I be indulging my sweet tooth (remember my 30-day healthy eating challenge this month?), but I will enjoy passing out candy to cleverly costumed children as they politely say trick-or-treat.

In honor of this Halloween, and in the spirit of trying to find new pieces to complete my home office, I made a purchase from Z Gallerie. If you have been following along, I recently posted about redecorating my office and included items I would like to incorporate. One of them has just arrived. Any guesses which one? The timing could not be better — the glam metallic skull is here. I think it is the perfect (edgy?) touch to my home office and will double as great décor for the next couple of weeks!



  1. I totally agree about not being a Halloween fan! My 3 year old is taking after me as he refuses to wear costumes, and cries when he sees a mask, face paint, or anything resembling the holiday. Love that bling-skull though, super chic 🙂

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