Month: November 2014

Watch Your Style

How do you keep track of time? Unlike other accessories, a watch needs to be both chic and functional. It’s a simple everyday item, but a good watch can elevate any style. When I was introduced to Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace, I decided to design a look around one of their men’s watches. I knew it would need to be a piece that could go from desk to dinner and withstand anything in between. If you are unfamiliar with Invaluable, they aren’t strictly a place to find high-end watches. Their auction items include antiques, art, jewelry, and other collectibles.

Cartier Watch -

For my look, I was inspired to find a watch that was borrowed from the boys, but still elegant enough for a woman to wear. Naturally, Cartier came to mind. A pioneer in fine jewelry since 1847, Cartier has a reputation for quality and perfection that is hard to match. Take a look at the Ballon Bleu pictured above. It is everything a woman could want in a watch – it’s stylish, sleek, and an exquisite piece of jewelry. Perfect for the office, nights out, or just the everyday, this watch will complement any outfit — while keeping you prompt!

Watch Your Style

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wild Turkey Crossing - Long Island, NY

{Turkey Crossing}

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving that is spent with loved ones!

On my way to work earlier in the week, I was delayed by a group of wild turkeys crossing the road. I couldn’t help but to stop and marvel at the sight…and then snap a photo, of course!

Here are some facts about wild turkeys:

1. Wild turkeys almost became extinct in the 1930’s.

2. A turkey’s body is covered with 5,000 – 6,000 feathers.

3. Turkey’s see in color and have excellent vision during the day, but do not see as well at night.

4. They can move at speeds up to 25 mph on the ground, and fly at speeds up to 55 mph (impressive for their size!).

5. Today, there are more than 7 million turkeys in North America!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here! Where will you spend the holiday…and what will you bring the host or hostess? Here are a few gifts that they are sure to love (and will be able to use!).

Gift Guide

Monday Musings

Winter is slowly creeping up on us. Last week was freezing and felt more like mid-December than November (although we managed to escape the snow that blanketed upstate New York!). It was the perfect time to unpack the sweater dresses and zip up the riding boots if you have been holding out.

Sunset in Port Jefferson

{A cold sunset in Port Jefferson, New York}

Fall Pumpkin

{The last of the fall pumpkins}

Starbucks Holiday Cup

{Red lip meets red Starbucks cup}

White Sangria

{White Sangria}

Skull Bottles

{Kah Blanco Tequila – Del Fuego Tex Mex Restaurant}

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Filled Cupcakes

{Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter filled chocolate cupcakes}

Happy Monday!

My Skin Care Routine

My Skin Care Routine

Cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin. That dry, flakey feeling is a far cry from the smooth, bronzed glow of the summer. And for those with sensitive skin, the winter can be especially daunting.

My skin has always been a challenge. It’s sensitive and acne prone. I’ve posted before about products that I (and my skin!) have tried and love, but I am a firm believer in having a skin care routine.

The most important thing to note if you have skin like mine is to always keep it clean. Yes, that means removing all of your makeup before bed and washing your face with a gentle cleanser.

Nightly Routine:

1. Remove makeup with Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-Free Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes. I have been using these for years, and they work very well. They take off my foundation and eye makeup, have a mild fragrance, and leave no residue on my face.

2. Wash face with a mild cleanser. After removing my makeup, I follow up with either Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash or Stila’s Coming Clean Revitalizing Gel Cleanser. Both work well, but I have been relying on Stila’s cleanser for the past year — and it is amazing. Sulfate-free and ideal for sensitive skin, it has a delicate aroma and leaves my face smooth and clean.

3. Finishing touches: Now that my face is clean (and getting dry with the cold weather), I like to use a moisturizer before bed. It took me a while before I discovered one that did not make me break out, but Stila’s Face the Day Moisturizing Gel Cream has worked wonders. It gives me the moisture I need but avoids the greasy feel that will clog my pores.

My morning routine consists of washing my face with Stila’s cleanser before applying my makeup. If my skin needs an extra boost, I mix Stila’s moisturizer in with my foundation.

One of my favorite finds is Aveda’s Outer Peace Cooling Masque. This is a great plant-based mask to use once or twice a week to help calm irritated skin and remove redness. Whenever I use it, it makes me feel as though I just had a facial.

That’s my regimen for keeping vibrant skin all winter long. I would love to hear what works for you and what your skin care routine includes!

Sweater (Dress) Weather

Sweater (Dress) Weather

Winter is coming. Whether you like to deny it — as I do — or you enjoy colder temperatures, the fact is that snow will soon blanket the ground (it’s already there in many parts of the country!). So the time has come to put away the mid-weight fall dresses and opt for something more cold weather friendly. But since I refuse to bid adieu to my dress habit completely until the spring, a good option is the sweater dress.

I have struggled with finding the perfect sweater dress. After all, the criteria can be demanding: it must be of the right length, not clingy or frumpy, itch-free, and yes, office appropriate, too. H&M and Banana Republic are wonderful options for the elusive sweater dress. They offer a wide selection and have plenty of styles to choose from.

Once the winter rolls around, I prefer the more muted tones of black and grey (although if you saw my closet, you could argue those shades aren’t reserved for just the chilly season!). A color-blocked sweater dress is a great way to break up the monotone look, or you can stick to a neutral tone and style it with a belt and bold accessories.

Whatever your preference, a sweater dress is essential for the cold weather – and don’t forget the tights and boots to complete the look!

Birthday Steil

Birthday Steil

A few glimpses into my birthday weekend — yes, I said weekend! Well, technically my birthday did not fall on Saturday or Sunday, but I couldn’t resist stretching it out over four days. The festivities began on Thursday evening with drinks (the salted caramel martini was delicious!) and dinner at XO Restaurant Wine and Chocolate Lounge in Huntington. After a great meal, chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate mousse cake were the perfect finishing touches. My actual birthday was low key, but what day would be complete without a trip to Sweet ‘n’ Savory in Port Jefferson for a cannoli crêpe?

As I get another year older, I hope this year is filled with new adventures, opportunities, memories, good health, and great friends. I firmly believe that you should treat every day as though it is your birthday — and do what makes you happy!

Designing with Modani

Designing with Modani

After a long day, what could be better than coming home to a well designed space? A furniture company that offers quality pieces at affordable prices, of course! When I began browsing Modani’s modern furniture website, I instantly felt that I had been missing out. Why do I have none of their pieces in my house? Their sleek furniture can complement any room — or perhaps it’s time for a complete makeover. Modani features Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, and Zen collections. You can easily find a style that suits your taste, or have fun mixing and matching pieces from all of their lines.

Modani’s Minimalist and Contemporary collections utilize bright white and bold black leather couches and chairs. Pair these items with an over-sized mirror and textured rug and your living room will look modern and elegant.

If you love old-world charm and long for a palatial palace, then the Baroque Collection is for you. Majestic elements from it can serve as focal points for a large room. Not sure you can commit to such a royal line? These pieces blend nicely with Modani’s contemporary focus and you can pair a Baroque chair with items from their other offerings.

For my living room concept I wanted a modern feel with a twist. The black Enzo armchair from the Baroque Collection was my inspiration, but the space needed to feel current and cozy. I opted for the clean lines of the White Phantom Sofa, and I used the Lina Safari Rug as a neutral statement to tie the light and dark color scheme together. The Solaris mirror, which is both glamorous and functional, gives the room an edgy feel. For the accessories, I went with silver décor to match the modern style, and I used the Winston Floor Lamp and the Suitcases (which double as storage!) to give a vintage vibe.

Designing a room can be a big undertaking, but to simplify the process, Modani offers decorative furniture packages for those who need help selecting their pieces. Tell them which collection suits you and they will do the rest of the design work for you. If you prefer to browse their collections from your own home, a convenient virtual tour feature on their website allows customers to look at their showrooms. I toured their New York City location online and was impressed with the array of styling ideas they offered their customers.

Since I am still working on redesigning my home office, learning more about Modani’s collections comes at the right time. My office is almost finished, but I have been searching for a chair that will be comfortable and complete the classic look I seek. Modani’s Hudson High Back Office Chair is the perfect choice. This will be the finishing touch my office needs!

Wrapping Up Fall Restaurant Week – Mac’s Steakhouse

Long Island Restaurant Week - Mac's Steakhouse

Long Island Restaurant Week has come to an end. Sunday was the last night of the event until the spring. As always, a big thank you to all of the restaurants who participated and made the event a success.

On Saturday night, I had my final Restaurant Week meal at Mac’s Steakhouse in Huntington Village, New York. After I had a long day of running around for appointments, Mac’s was the perfect place to enjoy a nice dinner. If you are looking for a good steakhouse I highly recommend this restaurant.

I ate at Mac’s during Restaurant Week in the fall of 2012. Although I always like to visit new establishments, Mac’s was worth stopping at again. I thought the restaurant offered an excellent menu for Restaurant Week and I was particularly impressed by the steak and seafood options. The last time I ate there I ordered the skirt steak, which was delicious. This time I had a Caesar salad as my appetizer and the shrimp and scallop risotto as my entrée. The shrimp and scallops were perfectly prepared. The creamy risotto went very well with the seafood and grilled vegetable medley. For dessert, the restaurant offered a chocolate cake, cheesecake, or carrot cake. Not surprisingly, I went for the chocolate cake. The slice of cake was very generous…and rich!

Long Island Restaurant Week - Mac's Steakhouse

Long Island Restaurant Week - Mac's Steakhouse

Both times I’ve visited Mac’s I have enjoyed my meals. The restaurant itself has a luxurious feel, with a large private room and an expansive eating area. The servers were prompt and attentive. Mac’s offers valet parking, but I prefer to park in one of the municipal lots in town. Their quiet location in the Village is ideal, and should you still be needing a sweet treat after your meal, Herrell’s ice cream shop is just up the street.