Introducing Warby Parker’s Winter 2014 Collection

Warby Parker's Winter 2014 Collection

I was pleased to be asked to help announce the Winter Collection for Warby Parker on my blog. I had heard great things about the company, seen their eyeglasses, and read reviews about them on other blogs. When I visited their website and read in-depth about the company’s mission and origins, I realized they did more than just sell eyeglasses.

Affordable. Stylish. Socially conscious. These are words that best describe Warby Parker. I found myself not only ogling over the array of eyeglass styles they offered but also excited by their philanthropic approach. For every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker will donate a pair to a person in need. With glasses starting at $95, there is no reason to buy only one pair! After you see my favorite frames from their Winter Collection, I’m sure you will agree.

Whether you prefer a dramatic flair or a more subtle frame, Warby Parker prides themselves on catering to their customers, and you will find a look that suits your needs.

Warby Parker's Winter 2014 Collection - Eyeglasses

Keene Amaretto: Need an everyday pair of glasses? These sleek, stylish frames in a rosy tortoise would complement the office wardrobe nicely.

Verne Revolver Black: No list could be complete without a pair of simple black frames. This classic look is one of my favorites and should be a staple in everyone’s eyeglass collection.

Vaughan Burnt Lemon Tortoise: The lemon tortoise is beautiful, and I love the size and shape of the frames. (This pair has my name written all over them!)

Oates Oak Barrel: A great frame choice for the everyday to casual wearer, these offer just the right amount of tortoise to make them stand out.

Warby Parker's Winter 2014 Collection - Sunglasses

Barkley Oak Barrel: These might very well be the next pair of sunglasses I purchase. I was instantly drawn to the shape and bold finish of these shades.

Jennings Whiskey Tortoise: Like the Barkley Oak Barrel sunglasses above, these feature a slightly darker tone and offer the perfect in-between shape if you (like me!) are torn between the squared and rounded frame look.

Ripley Whiskey Tortoise: I love their slender silhouette. They are the perfect choice for those with a petite face who want just a little of the tortoise detail.

Laurel Tea Rose Fade: I couldn’t resist putting these on my list. The unique two-tone combination offers an alternative to the tortoise and black options and are a must for those who want color in their frames.

Whether you are in the market for new frames or shades, or if you just want to change your eyeglass style, you’ll find your match in Warby Parker’s Winter Collection.

And be sure to check out the full collection of Warby Parker eyeglasses and sunglasses!

Thank you to Warby Parker for asking me to share my thoughts about the Winter Collection. All images are courtesy of Warby Parker. The opinions and text are my own.


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