Happy Thanksgiving!

Wild Turkey Crossing - Long Island, NY

{Turkey Crossing}

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving that is spent with loved ones!

On my way to work earlier in the week, I was delayed by a group of wild turkeys crossing the road. I couldn’t help but to stop and marvel at the sight…and then snap a photo, of course!

Here are some facts about wild turkeys:

1. Wild turkeys almost became extinct in the 1930’s.

2. A turkey’s body is covered with 5,000 – 6,000 feathers.

3. Turkey’s see in color and have excellent vision during the day, but do not see as well at night.

4. They can move at speeds up to 25 mph on the ground, and fly at speeds up to 55 mph (impressive for their size!).

5. Today, there are more than 7 million turkeys in North America!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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