Learning to Live in the Moment

Learning to Live in the Moment

After doing a little self-reflection this past week, I gave some thought about what it really means to live in the moment. I fully admit that I am not an expert on the subject, but certain circumstances in my life have forced me to reevaluate this concept.

As you may know, when I started this blog I had just undergone a thyroidectomy and spent a considerable amount of time doing research on thyroid cancer and learning to live without a thyroid. When I was first diagnosed I was overcome with a rush of emotions, many of which revolved around fear. Most of my fears were about things that were either out of my control, or may not even happen. It was after my recovery period that I decided from that time on I would live in the moment…and not dwell on the future.

With that said, here are some of my thoughts on being more present in your life:

1. Be open to new opportunities: I am not a gregarious person by nature, nor am I someone who is comfortable with change (things I am trying to work on!), but part of getting where you want to be in life is being at the right place at the right time. Sometimes when you are too focused on the end result, you miss all the steps it takes to get there. This is something I have been guilty of. Pay attention to the options and the people around you. You will eventually get where you need to be if you have an open and engaged mind.

2. Check in with your feelings: If you are feeling a certain way about something, write it down, or talk to a friend. Just the simple act of acknowledging your emotions can help you move forward.

3. Be spontaneous: Living in the moment involves being present in the here and now. Always wanted to take a mid-week yoga class? Then go do it! Want to travel, but don’t have people to go with you? Make plans for a solo trip. There is no better time to do something you want to do than right now.

4. Focus on yourself: This may sound selfish, but I think self-improvement and learning about yourself is important for all aspects of your life, from your career to relationships. Trying different hobbies, learning a new skill (I took a class in HTML), or just taking some time to do whatever you like each week can have a positive impact on your happiness and productivity.

5. Seek positivity: Yet another thing I am working on, but training yourself to think positively and see the good in a situation is a great way to live in the moment. During my thyroid cancer diagnosis there were days where it was harder than others to be positive and optimistic. But in reality, where did those negative thoughts get me? Yoga (and my wonderful yoga teacher!) have definitely helped me embrace a positive mindset and allowed me to release negative thoughts that no longer serve me. I think surrounding yourself with positive, upbeat people is a great way to improve your own outlook…and yourself!

How do you embrace living in the moment? Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.



  1. I’m definitely guilty of not living in the moment as much as I should. I think this happens particularly with my kids during the week rushing through everything just to “get it done.” Sometimes I ask myself why I feel the need to do everything in such a hectic manner. The times I slow things down with them and just watch a movie or go for a walk are our best memories. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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