Travel in Style

My West Coast getaway is fast approaching, and after this bizarre weather we’ve been having (really, snow on the first day of Spring?), I’m looking forward to a change in temperature…and scenery. But before I ask myself the dreaded question, “What should I pack?,” I’m reevaluating my luggage options. I, for one, don’t like to feel like a pack mule on vacation. Despite my desire to want an outfit for each day, I have learned to bring a few staples that can create a multitude of looks — and in only one bag. Along with this newfound skill, I’ve also learned how to choose suitable luggage. Long gone are the days of the cumbersome two-wheel bags that you spend more time fighting with through the airport than effortlessly wheeling. A few years ago, I upgraded to a shiny, hardshell, four-wheel suitcase and I have never looked back. My luggage has held up well despite numerous hard landings on baggage carousels, but I seem to have acquired quite the line of large suitcases. To remedy this, I started looking for smaller, durable pieces that would come in handy when taking a short trip rather than a month-long multi-country vacation. Below are some great options to keep you traveling in style!

Travel in Style

Weekender Bag: As the name implies, these bags are perfect for the quick sojourn. And if your travel plans don’t involve a plane (nobody wants their weekender manhandled!), these lightweight bags are ideal for taking along when you only need a few days’ worth of clothes. I have a couple of weekenders for those occasions when I don’t have enough for a small suitcase but have too much to stuff into an over-sized tote bag.

Rolling Luggage: These four-wheel babies have been a game-changer. They make weaving in and out of airport crowds a breeze and their hard exterior ensures that your luggage arrives in one piece…despite drops and tosses! I’ve exclusively used the larger options since I find it more convenient to take one bag along, but the time has come to invest in its smaller cousin for when the larger size is too cumbersome!

Messenger Bag: When lugging your tote is not ideal, these over-the-shoulder bags come in handy. I love that they are slender, yet have lots of pockets for storage. The best part is that they are easy to take along, and you can store it in your tote when you don’t need it. My Prada messenger has been an essential travel buddy that has yet to disappoint.

Tote Bag: I’m all for multi-tasking on vacation…with my luggage, that is! An over-sized tote bag is one of those items that can pull double-duty. Use it as your everyday bag. Or for a day at the beach. It can eliminate the need for double packing.

I’d love to hear which luggage pieces you prefer to travel with. And, if you have any recommendations for places to stay, eat or see in California (LA/SF) please leave them in the comments!



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