Munching on Macarons

Macaron Cafe - New York City

Everyone loves the macaron. The delicate French confection packs a lot of flavor into a small, colorfully sandwiched dessert. If you are searching for quality macarons, then look no further than New York City’s MacarOn Café. I stopped there in March to meet a friend for coffee, and my eyes were drawn to the brightly colored macarons, perfectly displayed and looking oh-so-delicious. I couldn’t help but order a few to bring back home for myself and my grandmother (who loves macarons and voted these the best she has ever had!).

Macaron Cafe - New York City

I was delighted when the MacarOn Café told me they were introducing a new flavor for spring. They already offer an exquisite selection, but their latest creation takes the cake (or the cookie!). If you like chocolate (et moi, j’aime le chocolat!), and grew up making S’mores, then the milk chocolate, marshmallow fluff and sprinkles macaron is for you. Let’s just say from the first bite I was sold. Even though I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows, this combination was rich and the flavors complemented one another well. If Nutella, dark chocolate or mocha macarons are your thing, then you should give the new milk chocolate and marshmallow fluff flavor a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Two other flavors that I have tried are the rose lychee and the coconut. The former has a very sweet, distinctively fruity undertone to it, while expertly capturing the lychee flavor (and I love it for its pretty pastel pink exterior), while the latter has a subtle hint of coconut in a creamy filling.

What I appreciate about the MacarOn Café is the amazing range of decadent combinations that they offer (pumpkin cinnamon, anyone?), and that each bite is unique. Spend some time on their site or in their cafe browsing the heavenly selection to see for yourself! Whether you order online or in-person, be prepared to receive your treats in a box that is as charming as its contents.

The texture of these macarons is a testament to the quality ingredients that the MacarOn Café uses. True macaron connoisseurs will appreciate the consistency that has been achieved to ensure that the macaron is not too hard and chewy or too soft and mushy. I particularly like that they are not overly sweet, but satisfy my sugar cravings!

With four locations in New York City, this is the perfect place to grab breakfast from their daily menu, stop in for a mid-afternoon macaron snack, or place an order for a lunchbox delivery if you happen to live or work nearby. And if you don’t call New York City home, you can still have your macarons and eat them, too, with their convenient order-by-phone option.

I think all that’s left to say is…bon appétit!

Photography by Vlad Polchaninoff
Macarons courtesy of the MacarOn Café



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