Get the Look: Braided Up-Do

Braided Up-Do Hair Tutorial

I am excited to share with you today a post by Emily Penner of The Rossetto Blog. Emily’s blog has something for everyone, from fashion, beauty, hair, design, and of course, real life. Her vibrant photos and relatable posts always keep me interested.

I have major hair envy (isn’t Emily’s hair stunning?), so when she suggested writing a hair tutorial for my blog I immediately took her up on it. I love the elegant look she created below, and with the summer heat and humidity approaching, this will be my go-to up-do for the next few months.

Here are Emily’s tips for creating this look. Take it away, Emily!

Hi everyone! Thank you Vanessa for having for me! Happy to be here.

As we approach wedding season (and humidity season if you’re anywhere other than Arizona, or so it seems!) a good bet for event hair is an up-do. I love how braids have been incorporated into so many of them recently. They add amazing texture and interest into the style – not to mention the hold! I’m looking for up-dos that will last from morning till night, which includes a good amount of time on the dance floor. A secure hairstyle is a good thing!

This style is great for fine hair that needs some extra “something” happening to keep hair volumous and interesting – free of any mid-afternoon heat deflation. Add a braid, a twist and a messy-bun, and you have yourself your next hair style for any upcoming event.

Here’s how to get the look:

Braided Up-Do Tutorial

1. Not mandatory, but it helps to start with curled hair. This gives that base of “grit” that my fine hair needs. Spray with some texturizer to add to this base or add it afresh.
2. Do a deep part on whatever side you normally part your hair.
3. Leaving about an inch of hair from the part to behind your ear, take the next 1” to 1.5” of hair and start a dutch French braid. You can keep it pretty tight at this stage (then in a messy and sporadic method, tease the hair at your crown – you can tease from root to end!).
4. (After spraying with some hair spray or texturizer) start to pull on the inside of each strand to loosen up the braid and make it more full and messy. You can go big here!
5. Start twisting your hair, adding more hair as you go along and secure at the nape of your neck – on the side of the twist (a little behind/below the ear).
6. Take the hair at the back and pull into a messy bun. (I use one elastic but if you have thicker hair and want it to be more secure, you pull it into a ponytail and then a messy bun from there.) Pin it to make it more secure and even messier.
7. Bring your braid around and secure it around the perimeter of your messy bun (it will likely be underneath some of the pieces that hang out). Secure with pins.
8. All done!

It’s a great way to have your hair out of your way for your next big event. It builds in longlasting style and interest to the hairstyle – nothing is falling flat here. Enjoy it! If you try the look out be sure to tag a picture with #therossettoblog – I’d love to see it!

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