Escapades and the City — Part Two

Upper West Side, New York City

Last week I went into New York City for a day trip (you can read part one of the adventure from last spring here). I didn’t have much on the agenda and I enjoyed playing tourist in a city that is practically in my backyard. It was a hot day that felt more like summer than the September date the calendar read.

Columbia University

The first stop of the day was Columbia University on the Upper West Side. I’ve never been to Columbia, but for some reason I always thought I would fall in love with the campus when I saw it…and I did! It had a quaint feel despite being in the hustle and bustle of New York City. The buildings were beautiful and the setting seemed like the perfect place to study. I couldn’t help but envy all the students who were fortunate enough to spend four years there earning a degree. Seeing this campus also made me miss my college days.

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia University

After Columbia, I headed downtown and walked around Nelson A. Rockefeller Park. By the afternoon the heat felt oppressive and it was nice to sit by the water, cool down, and people-watch. The park was within walking distance of One World Trade Center and viewing distance of the Statue of Liberty. But the best part was that it was conveniently located near Loopy Doopy, a rooftop bar on the 16th story of Conrad New York that I have been dying to try thanks to lots of great Instagram snaps of the view!

Loopy Doopy

And it did not disappoint. A bit pricey (but that’s New York City for you!), Loopy Doopy overlooks the Hudson River and New York Harbor and is a swanky spot to stop for an after-work cocktail. I indulged in their Prosecco & Ice Pop, which is exactly what it sounds like…a glass of wine with a popsicle in it. There are plenty of ice pop flavors to choose from — I settled on some concoction of watermelon and blueberry. After a long day walking around Manhattan, I looked forward to unwinding with a glass of wine and a good view.



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! I was recently in Boston and sooo wished I could have made the quick trek over to NY. I cannot wait to visit there one day!

    xo Tristan

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