A New Color for Hue

OPI Nail Polish

By now, it should come as no surprise that I love my manicure’s. I went from a girl who never had her nails done (thanks, to my equestrian days) to one who always dons a fresh polish (even if it’s right before kickboxing class. Whoops!). So naturally I have not only a favorite brand…or two…or three, but a few polishes that I whip out of my mani arsenal when I’m in need of some color in my life.

I’ve talked about OPI’s Taupe-less Beach being a tried and true favorite. Its soft grey hue is not only a great fall tone, but also a nice everyday color. But since it was 33 degrees when I woke up and went for a Starbucks run yesterday, I’ve decided to dust off some of my favorite winter tones, too. Not to worry, these colors can work just as well for fall.

Some of my favorites include:

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane (from OPI and currently on my nails): My love for deep burgundy tones this season extends to my nails as well. I love pulling this polish out and wearing it through September and October. Its deep plum hue makes a dramatic statement on your nails…without looking too ghoulish. But since it’s October, that may be the look you seek. Add an extra coat for a darker finish, if that’s the case!

German-icure (OPI): This deep, shimmering red-ish burgundy is a staple around the holidays. When I get bored of my standard red, this color is the next best thing.

Big Apple Red (OPI): In my opinion, this is the nicest shade of red out there. It’s bold, but not too overbearing and looks great with a casual outfit or office ensemble.

Miss You-Niverse (OPI): Here comes the wild card of the bunch. It’s so out of my normal color comfort zone that I’m uncertain how to describe it (it was purchased for me by a friend). If you like dark tones, this one is for hue (get it?). This color is a deep blue-ish, purple that I plan to wear later this month. Actually, it looks more black with a subtle hint of blue once on your nails. But it’s fun to wear occasionally.

Of course, a new season requires a new nail polish. And since I’m a loyal OPI wearer, I was only too happy to try the myOPI feature on their site. I happened to stumble upon it when I was researching some of their new colors for fall. This helpful interactive tool asks you two simple questions: your preferred nail length and your skin tone. After that, it selects a color based upon your answers and decides what would look good on you. You can even see the shade up-close and personal. For me, myOPI went with Imperial, a nice violet. Coincidentally, I wanted to add something from that color family into my polish portfolio.

What are some of your favorite nail polish colors for fall?



    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Kate! I’m going to give Treat a try. I used Whim from Ulta and it’s “5 Free.” I thought it stayed on well and they had very pretty colors in the line.

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