Breaking Out The Beanie

Breaking Out The Beanie

Riding boots? Check! Scarf? Check! Winter coat? Check!

Yes, I have finally caved and brought out the winter coat. It is November, after all. I even treated myself to a new coat this year that is most certainly Olivia Pope-worthy. But for keeping my head toasty when the temps really start to dip I’ve got zilch, zip, nada — nothing in my closet to keep my poor noggin warm. So I’ve rounded up a few picks ranging from bling to buffalo check that will allow you to be super stylish while braving the cold temps, if you, like me, are also lacking proper headwear. Seriously, how sweet is that burgundy beanie?

Which beanie is your fave?



    1. Thanks, Athena! I wasn’t really a beanie person either, but after trying a few on at the Nordtrom Rack the other day, I love them! I hope you decide to give them a try this season. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for visiting Living in Steil!

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