Happy Thanksgiving

Wild Turkey

I wanted to take a minute to wish my readers and their families a Happy Thanksgiving! It’s because of all of you and your support that I followed my passion and devote so much time to this site. Thank you for your daily visits, lovely comments, and for your “blogging friendship.”

Recently, I made a new friend — one who has appeared in the backyard, has two legs, a beak, and wings. I won’t ask you to guess, but if you thought wild turkey you’re really good. Let’s call him or her Taylor the Turkey. I’ve had a blast watching this bird meander around the yard, look at me quizzically, and make its home in one of the trees when it’s ready to call it a night. I’ve gone with a gender neutral name because I vacillate daily between whether it is male or female. Either way, I think Taylor has made him-or-herself quite at home in the yard and I don’t think he or she will be house hunting anytime soon.

Whether you’re cooking this Thanksgiving, eating at your favorite restaurant, or you are living outside of the United States, we can all think of things to be grateful for. Let’s take this one day and celebrate life’s blessings, simple pleasures, and things we normally take for granted with the ones we love.

Here are a few things I’m thankful for this year:

1. My health
2. The support of friends and family
3. The good fortune in finding my passion
4. The ability to learn something new every day
5. You, the reader who visits this blog and creates a warm and friendly blogging community

Happy Thanksgiving!



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