You Know You’re a Blogger When…

Southdown Coffee

You find marble cutting boards to use for photo shoots (which you will never use for actual cooking because they’re too pretty) and buy not one…but two. Not only do you shriek in delight upon finding said purchase, but you feel giddy after spotting a small chip in one. You ask for a discount.

You spend your day at home in sweatpants, but promptly get dressed and do your hair and makeup just so you can upload a photo to Instagram…even though you have nowhere to go.

You end sentences with hashtags. #enoughsaid

You ask yourself before buying something, “Can I put this on the blog?”

You take too many selfies with the infamous Anthropologie initial mug and the red cup from Starbucks. #guilty

You go to an event or eat at a new restaurant just so you can post a photo or write a review on your blog.

You’ve written numerous gift guides for the holidays, but have yet to start shopping yourself.

If you are still questioning your blogger status, this hilarious Instagram Husband video may hold the answer. Should you (or your significant other, family, or friends) find yourself nodding in agreement, then you my friend, are a blogger!

Does this sound familiar?



    1. Isn’t it a funny video, Kathy?! I’m guilty of asking anyone (even complete strangers!) to snap a photo. My poor friends and family know that photos must be taken before any food is actually eaten, and that I need an additional 30 minutes before leaving the house for outfit pics (#sad). I hope you have a great weekend!

  1. This was such a fun read, Vanessa! Guilty, guilty and guilty, haha! I watched the video and couldn’t stop laughing because my husband is 100% an Instagram husband! I showed him the video and said, see babe, you’re not alone, haha!

    Thanks for making my day that much better by starting it off with a laugh; which always sets a wonderful tone for the rest of the day 🙂 I hope you have a great day and weekend ahead, beautiful!



    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the video, Jalisa! I cracked up the first time I saw it, and I’m completely guilty of being a “blogger,” too! I feel the need to take photos of everything, which is probably why I have 6,000 photos (seriously!) stored on my iPhone. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Haha I love this post so much! It’s hilarious but it’s definitely true! Life is strange now! My husband starts get grumpy taking my non-stop photos too! I understand him now 😂😂

    Thanks for bringing smile to my face! Happy holidays. Xoxo, Anita
    Etsy/Instagram @siammpatra

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