First Flurries

First Flurries

It’s finally feeling — and looking — like winter in these parts. We got our first snow Sunday evening, and the countdown in my mind to my move to California has officially begun. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration (not the countdown part, but the actual move part). Fortunately, we were spared any major accumulation, but the inch I see on the ground is more than enough for me. There is another storm on the horizon, supposedly approaching this weekend, and depending on whose weather report you listen to, we could get anywhere from 5-8 inches.

So in light of this news, I figured I’d share a few of my tried and true ways to keep busy during a snowstorm.

1. Have plenty of DVDs, books, and magazines on hand: If you’re anything like me, the thought of staying in your pajamas all day will cross your mind. Go for it! And why not get cozy with your favorite movie or book? I know I can always count on Bravo or E! to keep me entertained. Who said I’ve seen SATC (the movie) too many times?

2. Go for a hike: For the more adventurous folk, going for a hike after a snowstorm can be a lot of fun — and an added challenge in terms of a workout. I love seeing a fresh blanket of snow, and there is nothing more peaceful than spending time out in nature when everyone else is holed up at home. Just make sure you bring your phone along and have service (and also tell people where you’re going, if you plan to venture somewhere remote) in case of an emergency!

3. Bake your favorite treat: I always get into trouble during a snowstorm. Those darn Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies start calling my name — and all bets are off after that. It’s completely my fault for keeping one (or two or three) boxes on hand, but I love how the house smells after baking brownies. And of course, you deserve a treat after shoveling!

4. Write or meditate: The snow brings a certain peacefulness. It slows the usually busy streets and it becomes a perfectly acceptable time to chill. What better way than to extend your mind and body the same courtesy?

5. Take inventory: When all else fails, and you’re tired of relaxing (has that ever happened to anyone before?), create or go through an existing to-do list. It will give you a sense of accomplishment during an otherwise mindless day, and may make you feel more organized and on top of your daily tasks going forward.

How do you relax or keep busy during a snowstorm?



  1. I love those Ghirardelli chocolate brownies too! This is a great list! Oddly enough we have only had one major snowfall so far this winter. It seems to be quite mild here this year. I usually like to read a book or do some baking during a snowstorm.

    1. Aren’t the Ghirardelli brownies the best? This will be our first major snowfall this winter — although not the first time I’ve baked! I’m actually looking forward to having some down-time during the snowstorm. Thanks for visiting Living in Steil!

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