Ear Candy

Ear Candy

If there is one trend I’ve been loving (and need to adopt ASAP), it’s the ear jacket. I’m partial to dainty studs, but a jacket or cuff can dress up any ear, and instantly creates an edgy vibe. I have yet to find an ear jacket from BaubleBar that I can resist (many options are sitting in my online shopping cart awaiting the final verdict). If bling is your thing, the Phoenix Wing Ear Cuff in gray is a glamorous option. But for those who are melting over marble, the Organic Fringe Ear Jacket and the Oz Ear Jacket may be just what you need. I’ve been swooning over the Ivy Ear Cuff Set and will have to hit purchase soon!

How do you feel about ear cuffs and jackets?



  1. I love ear jackets as well. The ones you have picked out look great. I always forget to wear the ones I have. I seem to always rotate between two of my earrings which are longer in length. The ear jackets are great especially when wearing turtlenecks since they don’t hang as low. Thanks for sharing these with us.


    1. You’re right, Kathy! This earring style is perfect for the winter months when we tend to wear lots of layers — especially around our necks. I can’t wait to add a few of these jackets and cuffs to my look.

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