Stylish Musings from NYC

NYFW - Irina Shabayeva

{Photos from the Irina Shabayeva show coming to the blog soon!}

I’ve spent more time in New York City these last two weeks than I have in the entirety of some years. And you know what? I’ve actually enjoyed my time there. Okay, maybe having to exit the Long Island Rail Road unexpectedly at Jamaica due to a derailed train ahead might not seem like a highlight (commuters, you have my deepest sympathy!). But despite all that, and the record cold snap, being part of New York Fashion Week has been spectacular.

Here are some highlights from the past week:

Think Coffee NYC

{Coffee with Kate}

Soapology NYC

{The cutest soap store}


{I’m on Snapchat! Username: livinginsteil}

Valentine's Day Treats

{Valentine’s Day treats}

Goodnight, New York City

{Goodnight, New York City}



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