Curl Up With Irresistible Me

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

Don’t you just wish you were born with perfect hair? That you could wake up, and with minimal effort, look like you (and your hair) were ready for your close-up? I know I do. Ironically, as a child I had pin-straight hair, and I always envied the girls in my class who had curls. Now, years later, my once straight hair has morphed into wavy, and often times unruly, locks. Needless to say, I’ve spent the last ten years flat ironing my hair every day.

I know my hair takes daily abuse, and I more than put it through the wringer (sorry, hair). So I’m always on the hunt for tools that can make my life easier and make my hair like me a little bit more. When I first learned of Irresistible Me, I thought they were all about hair extensions. And since my hair has some serious length to it, I figured “Well, that’s nice, but not something I need.” But when I found out they also carried a whole line of hair tools, I was intrigued.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

Despite loving how my hair looks straight, there are times when I just need to change it up. That’s when I grab the curling iron and attempt to get those sleek little rings. But past attempts with curling irons have left me more inclined to stick to my straightener. I’m sure we’ve all used the kind that’s heavy, takes forever to achieve the desired result, and leaves our arms tired.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

Well, Irresistible Me has the perfect solution — meet Ruby, the two-way auto-rotating curler. Long gone are the days of twisting the curling iron, this baby does all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply use the clip and wrap small sections of hair around the wand, select the right or left button option to choose the direction, and voilà. Watch as the curling iron effortlessly moves up to the hairline, saving your wrists and precious time.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

I curled my hair as these photos were being taken, while sitting on a bar stool in front of a mirror. It was a far cry from the days were I would break a sweat curling each piece of hair. Even getting the small strands in the back were a cinch with this. And did I mention the best part? This curling iron is a serious lightweight. Its size is deceptive; it might look big. But it’s easy to use and handle — which are two things you want in a hair tool.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

This tool took my hair completely by surprise. After years of flat ironing, I’m not sure my hair knows how to curl anymore. And it definitely requires substantial heat to do so. This curling iron only heats up to 410 degrees, which is still extremely hot, but not high enough to get those tight curls on my hair. Personally, I like the loose wavy look, so it works for me.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

The Ruby auto-rotating curler is the perfect iron to have on hand for those days where I want to add some volume to my hair. Even the box that it came in was chic, sturdy, and perfect for protecting the iron when it’s not in use.

Ruby Curler - Irresistible Me

If you’re in the market for new hair tools, Irresistible Me will have the product for you!

*Curling iron courtesy of Irresistible Me
Photography by Vlad Polchaninoff



  1. your hair has gotten so long! looks great! I have been wearing my naturals curls lately, I agree I usually want what I dont have, so lately Im trying to embrace whats here 🙂

    1. Thanks, Christina! I try to embrace the natural texture of my hair more and more now — especially with the warmer months ahead. But I love how this curling iron made my hair so soft and manageable. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Curling away from the face does feel kind of unnatural to me, too, Jamie! But you get really nice waves that way. This curler is perfect for achieving that look — and I love that it’s so easy to use!

  2. Irresistible me has amazing hair products, am talking hair extension and hair styling machines like that hair curler which makes your beautiful hair to look flawless!! I love the results of curling and the way you have laid out the post in details. Sometimes I forget how pretty you are because you rarely do posts with your photos, I has missed seen you!!

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