Farewell, April!

I'd rather be sleeping mug

{New mug for my home office}

I’m having a hard time comprehending how we are already at the end of April! Wasn’t it just January five minutes ago? Looking back, I’ve crammed a lot into the last two months. With trips to Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and New York City, I feel like I’ve taken full advantage of the nice spring weather.

This weekend it’s back to my kickboxing routine, some time at the barn, and a little rest and relaxation.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Spring mani with OPI

{Spring mani with OPI}


{Meeting with fellow New York blogger, Kristin}

Barn Day

{Life on the farm}

New workout outfit

{Today’s workout is sponsored by coffee!}

Cupcake pancakes from IHOP

{Delicious cupcake pancakes from IHOP}

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  1. Now that you mentioned that we are at the end of the April I started to realize how crazy it is. Especially when I work online on the computer it is like you enter different time zone, time flies so fast. And I love your gym tank, where did you get it? So fun.


    1. Thanks, Marina! You’re so right! I work from home now, and ever since I made the switch from going into the office to working from home my weeks go by much faster. The tank is from Target. They have the best selection of graphic tops! Hope you have a great weekend.

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