Monday Mantra: Remember to Hit Pause

Monday Mantra:  Remember to Hit Pause

Here we are again. Doesn’t it feel like it was Friday a mere five minutes ago? It does for me. As I sit down to write this post after a whirlwind weekend, I’m struck by how fast time has gone. And I’m not talking about the past week or so. It seems like just yesterday I was making my New Year’s resolutions, and now here we are at the end of May.

Rather than saying I need time itself to slow down, which I say a lot (and it doesn’t seem to be working for me), what about if we made a conscious effort to hit the pause button every now and then? Life can get busy between school, work, social events, friends, family, and let’s not even talk about all those chores that come with being an adult. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

So, what can we do about it? I spend lots of time watching dates pass on the calendar, yet I remember precious little of what my week actually consisted of. My weeks can get busy making sure that everything on my to-do list is crossed off and that others are taken care of, and often I forget to make time for myself. Before I know it, we are at the end of the week or beginning a new one…and the cycle continues.

When I came across the quote for today’s Monday Mantra, it reminded me of the importance of hitting the figurative pause button in our mind. Life, by nature, is fast-paced. But only we can truly control our time — and how we spend it. If we move through our busy days with blinders — solely focused on what we have to do and what’s in front of us, we will inevitably miss those precious moments that make up our lives.

This week, I challenge you to do something special that makes you want to stop and look around. It could be taking a walk in the park on a summer-like day in May or grabbing a mid-week coffee at your favorite spot. When the week is over and you are reflecting, think of that moment and allow it to bring a smile to your face.

Happy Monday!

How do you hit the pause button in your own life?



  1. This quote is from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off I think which just celebrated it’s 30th anniversary! They just did a special day for it yesterday in Chicago (my hometown). I love that you have it in your post today. So good! I love your suggestions of slowing down for a moment this week. Not sure what I will do, but I’ll make sure to chill out and smell the roses. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kathrine! Stopping to smell the roses sounds lovely. I’m planning a visit to my favorite crêperie mid-week, and will treat myself to something decadent. BTW — I loveeeeeee Chicago! Happy Monday!

  2. Great Monday Mantra! I was just thinking yesterday how is it almost the end of May?! My weeks can be very hectic and my days are long so I try to take 10 minutes in the morning for myself to sit down and just sip on my tea quietly (this morning I’ll be watching the rain). It helps me stay centered and set my intention for the day!

    xo Bryn

    1. I can’t believe it’s the end of May already either, Bryn! Where has the time gone? I love sipping on tea or coffee in the morning. I usually sit and read blogs in the morning before starting my day — but watching the rain sounds nice. Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

  3. I had a hard week last week – crying babies, challenging toddler and normal everyday stress – so instead of using my free time to run errands and workout I took some me time and went shopping and got a manicure. I felt so refreshed. The grocery shopping could wait, I needed my sanity back! Great post Vanessa!


  4. I couldn’t agree more, Vanessa! Time really does feel as though it’s on fast froward and everyday kind of blends together into a lot of to-dos, so it can get quite overwhelming, fast! I try to take moments, particularly when it’s a nice day, like today (FINALLY!) and just look around and absorb all of nature’s spender. It amazes me how the flowers, trees, and animals all have what they need and don’t have to stress out as much as us humans. Although our life is nothing to be compared to that of a bird, I just think it’s pretty cool how they always get what they need when they need it and I guess it makes me realize that as long as do what I can, everything else will just fall into place and that gives me great peace and calms the nerves! Thanks so much for sharing this, I always look forward to your ‘Monday Mantras.’ I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week ahead, beauty!



    1. Thanks, Jalisa! The days do all blend together, don’t they?! It’s funny you mentioned birds. I think you’ve seen on my Instagram the peahen in my yard who has adopted me. She is such a beautiful bird — she is mellow and just enjoys the nice weather! It’s a lot of fun to watch her entertain herself in the yard. Sometimes it’s the little things in life. I’m looking forward to having a couple of days in the 80’s this week. Hope you have a great week!

  5. I’m finding the same…life has begun to sometimes feel like a blur of to do lists, as if I’m always going from one task to the next. I really love this post, it’s a great reminder to hit the pause button every so often and appreciate where you are!

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