Hello, Summer!

Long Island, NY

Today is one of my favorite days (no, it’s not my birthday!). It is the first official day of summer. While I may have been acting like summer started weeks ago, thanks to lots of sunny and warm days, I am looking forward to all that this season brings.

Here are things I hope to tick off my summer checklist:

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: If you’ve been following along, you know how much I love to go out stand-up paddle boarding. It’s so relaxing to be out on the water and to check out some Long Island towns that are nestled by the sea. It makes me feel like I got in a workout on those days that are just too hot to do much more than sit by the pool!

Herrell’s Ice Cream: I may have already indulged, but here’s hoping that there are many more post-beach stops at Herrell’s this summer.

Long Island Ducks Baseball Game: I’m not much into sports. But there is something about watching a baseball game on a warm summer night that I just can’t pass up. The company of a good friend and fireworks make it even better. I’ll be rooting for the L.I. Ducks on July 3rd!

A Day Trip to Fire Island: One of my favorite things about living on Long Island is the proximity to beaches. Last summer, my friend Fran and I headed out to Ocean Beach on Fire Island and we had a blast. We are definitely planning a few short trips out there this summer.

A Summer Picnic: In case you can’t tell, I try to spend as much time outdoors in the summer as possible. And what better way to do that than by having a picnic. Any good menu recommendations? A pitcher of sangria is a must!

Beach Yoga: I was hoping to take advantage of the free Summer Solstice classes happening today (if you are, too, check out Athleta to see if there are any free classes going on in your area). But my schedule is pretty packed, and escaping for a yoga class is not in the cards. I’d like to get back to my yoga practice (I say that a lot and it just hasn’t happened), and I’m thinking the beach is the perfect location.

What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?



    1. You should try it, Angharad! It’s so much fun, and I find it very relaxing. You can always paddle on your knees if you have trouble balancing. Just try to find the calmest water you can and you’ll have a blast!

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