Summer Squad

Summer Squad

My summer essentials are fairly simple — light makeup, good lipstick, and an easy skincare routine. While this may sound straightforward, my desire to try new products keeps me busy at my local Ulta.

This summer, the products on my must-try list include an organic sunscreen (most leave my skin greasy, or worse, ruin the finish on my manicure — if you have any brands that you love, please let me know in the comments), a light foundation that gives me a dewy glow (here is a review of the last foundation I tried), and a toner to get my skin clean and clear before bed. Of course, a good illuminator and a nice lip stain, like the ones from Stila, are always summer staples.

I’d love to hear if you have any summer beauty staples that you can’t live without!



  1. My dream staples are basically identical to yours! I am also on the hunt for the perfect organic sunscreen but have had zero luck thus far, so please keep me posted on your hunt!

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