Summer Scorchers

Last week was a scorcher on Long Island…and if I had any doubts that summer was in full-swing, it completely allayed my fears. Usually, the hot summer days leave me feeling lazy (except when a trip to the pool or beach is involved), but last week reminded me of when I was a kid — carefree and embracing the summer heat.

Here are some highlights:

Sam Edelman Sandals

{Breaking in my new Sam Edelman sandals}

Chocology Unlimited

{A sweet surprise from Chocology}

Cooling off in the pool

{Cooling off in the pool}

Coffee break in Montauk

{Coffee break in Montauk}

Pretty in Pink

{Pretty in Pink}

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  1. I know! It was hot, but mainly muggy and humid around here, so nasty! I really hate the feeling when the air is so dry! Glad you were able to make the most out of it by hitting the pool to cool off, I love your bathing suit by the way! I hope you continue to enjoy the season, beautiful, and thanks so much for sharing!



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