L.I. Happenings: Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra

Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra

I love listening to live music, so when I heard that the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra was going to be performing at Heckscher Park in my old hometown over the weekend I was ecstatic. There is something about listening to an orchestra under the stars that just never gets old for me. Last year, I watched as the Long Island Philharmonic performed a classical rendition from the Star Wars soundtrack, and this year the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra performed hits from The King and I, Chicago, and The Producers. The Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra is known for delivering the latest hits from Broadway, television, and the movies, and they gave a great performance.

Heckscher Park - Huntington, NY

Heckscher Park - Huntington, NY

It was a beautiful night to be at Heckscher Park, blanketed under the stars, with some of my favorite tunes being played on stage. Nights like those are what summer is all about for me!



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