July Beauty Buys

July Beauty Products

Few things in life get me as excited as when I receive a notification from Ulta saying that my order is on its way. Almost immediately, I click on the tracking number included in the email — even though I know the package has yet to leave the warehouse. When the UPS delivery arrives, I then run to the door and tear open the box like a kid on Christmas morning. That’s just what happened the other day.

Still on my hunt for the perfect lightweight foundation (#makeupgate2016), I scoured web pages and customer reviews until I found what sounded like my dream makeup — lightweight…paraben free…and peptide infused. Any guess what the mystery foundation might be? Drumroll, please.

Urban Decay Naked Skin

Let me introduce you to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin. We have a long standing history dating back to 2014 — when again I was in the market for a new foundation. That time I ended up with Stila’s Stay All Day Foundation, but not after endlessly staring at the Urban Decay Naked bottle in its fancy packaging. At the time, I needed a full-coverage makeup, and the helpful sales girl at Ulta was all but certain that the Urban Decay product would be too sheer for me. But after a couple of years of trying to rescue my skin, I was finally able to buy the product that I’ve been lusting after.

When I first tried the makeup, I felt both excitement and a sense of accomplishment wash over me. Not only had my skin improved enough that I could wear a more sheer foundation, but I was impressed with how quickly the product set and how beautiful the matte finish looked. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that a professional had done my makeup — it looked that good!

I haven’t been wearing the foundation long enough to endorse it, but so far, so good. Soon I will feature a post with tips on application and wear. As for the Laura Geller products, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try all three of these highlighters (in smaller sizes, of course) for a fraction of the price of one full-sized version. What better time to have a gorgeous glow than in the summer?

I’d love to hear which beauty products you’re loving this month!



    1. I’m go glad I got to try all three highlighters from Laura Geller in sample sizes. Now I can choose which one is my favorite, and buy the full-sized version. Glad you enjoyed the post, Tamara!

    1. Thanks, Molly! I had wanted to try it for years, and I’m glad that I finally did. It’s a great lightweight product — perfect for the summer months, but I think I’ll be using it way past then.

  1. That foundation sounds amazing, I’m surprised I’ve never really heard anyone mention it much! My skin is staring to heal now, I, too, have been having a blemish battle these past few months and love the idea of wearing a more shear foundation, so I will certainly be trying this one out when that day comes. I mean, I love their eye primer and palettes. I’m also loving their new lipsticks, which I’ve yet to get my hands on, the color range is ah-mazing! I hope you’re having the best day, beauty, and thanks so much for sharing!



    1. Now I need to try the lipsticks that you raved about, Jalisa! I’ve always loved the Naked palette, but this is the first product from Urban Decay that I’ve used. So far, I’m impressed with the coverage of this foundation. It is lightweight, yet buildable — and the best part is that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing tons of makeup (even if you need to apply extra to problem areas!).

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