Monday Mantra: Embrace Change


I haven’t written a Monday Mantra post in a while…and after the last few months, which have felt like a whirlwind of commotion, I figured I had the perfect topic for today’s post: change.

Change is a scary word for most people. Including me. I am creature of habit who thrives on having a consistent routine. Routines are like an old friend that comforts and cossets us. Yet these past few months have been nothing short of inconsistent, trying, and well, full of life changes. Between my health, stress level, heck, even a new season, and a soon-to-be change to what I have been driving for the last three years, change has come to be a word I have started to accept — whether intentional or otherwise. But is it really as scary as I thought?

As I have gotten older, it seems that change happens more frequently, or perhaps I am better equipped to accept it. In a couple of months I will be approaching the big 3-0. I know there will be lots of changes in store for me with a new decade, and I feel ready to tackle them.

So are we ever fully prepared for change? Yes and no. Sometimes change is invigorating; it infuses our lives with freshness and new challenges. Sometimes change tells us that our usual routine has become stale and no longer suits us or the times we live in. If nothing else, change can show you how strong you are — especially when you thought otherwise.

How do you handle change?



  1. I always say that to make something you have to destroy something else. So your last words are really true!
    I love Change I made my all philosophy made around it. I feel I’m like a priest of Change and I love the feeling I get from your words. The courage you show by understanding how hard sometimes it will be and at the same time how important it is. Really nice post I like it! 👍 😉 🌹

      1. Of course, and thank you for writing it. I like to think when this coincidence of thinking happens we are co-creating a good reality together. It’s nice to forget you and me, and think of us. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. I’m not big on change. I tend to stress and get anxious. However, once I get over the hump, I usually feel better and realize that in order to move forward and grow, change is inevitable. Turning 30 isn’t so scary lol! Age is just a number and with maturity comes wisdom!! Happy Monday Vanessa 🙂

    Taffeta & Tulips

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