Friday Feelings

It’s the end of yet another week, which is good because I could use a little down down-time. This week Long Island saw record highs in temperature for mid-October. On Wednesday, it was so warm that when I got home from work I went for a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. It felt strange heading out in a mere short-sleeved shirt, since just days earlier there was a brisk breeze that required a few layers.

Now that the weather has returned to more seasonable temps, I’m looking forward to enjoying the changing colors on the trees, decorating my pumpkins, and stocking up on some Halloween candy (but not too much or too soon, lest I will eat it all before we make it to Halloween!).

fall leaves

{Fall Colors}


{Horses in the Hamptons}

sweet n savory

{Mid-week stop at Sweet ‘n’ Savory}

apples from the milk pail

{This should last me for a while…}

Chobani pumpkin yogurt

{Seasonal yogurt from Chobani}



    1. I’m loving all of the fall foliage right now, Kasie! The leaves are really pretty. Sorry you guys don’t get to see the seasons change in CA — but at least you can still wear all of your summer clothes well into October. I’m getting ready to break out my winter coat in these parts.

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