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We all need a break from time-to-time. While taking a day off from our day job may not always be feasible, enjoying a respite from our side-hustle should be. After the weekend, I felt like I needed a break. I had a great post planned to start the week, but when I got home Sunday evening to write it, nothing flowed. A couple of years ago, I would have forced myself to sit and write something…anything…just not to miss one of my scheduled posting days. But, honestly, who wants to read something that doesn’t come from the heart, and has no soul? I value your time and this space too much to publish just for the sake of putting something out there. So, I hope you will excuse Monday’s absence and understand my need for a respite.

If you have been following along on Instagram Stories this week, you may have seen me talking about my recent appointment with my endocrinologist. I appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers that you sent my way on social media, so I feel that it is only appropriate that I share the outcome of the appointment here.

After almost six months of blood work, neck ultrasounds, and treks into New York City for follow-ups, my antithyroglobulin levels remain elevated. Weeks earlier, I had hopes that despite a modest 50 point decrease from my February numbers, we could stay the course and keep up our watchful waiting approach. But after my appointment with my endocrinologist on Monday, a new course of action has been prescribed. Next week, I will have a consultation with a radiation oncologist at a hospital closer to my home, and will likely have an I-131 whole body scan performed, followed by a dose of radioactive iodine. Since my surgery in 2013, I had been resistant to undergoing radioactive iodine treatment, but given the length of time that my numbers have been elevated, and on the recommendation of my endocrinologist, I have decided to pursue this option.

I never imagined that I would be making this decision. For the last four years, my numbers had been steadily trending downward—which is a good sign after surgery. I can still recall the sheer shock that overcame me when I opened the results of my blood work from November 2016 and saw that my antithyroglobulin level was more than double what it should have been. That was the beginning of this setback and I am finally ready to write the ending and close the chapter.

The last six months of waiting, wishing, and wondering have taken a toll on me—even if I have tried to suffer privately. These months have reminded me that despite my best efforts to push unsettling news aside, sometimes you need to tackle things head-on—especially when they pertain to your health.

As always, I appreciate all of your support. It means so much!

Monday Mantra: Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Monday Mantra:  Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Have you ever reflected on your life and wondered how you got to where you are now? Or thought, this isn’t where I’m supposed to be by this point in my life. I know I have. I often think about life choices and how they have brought me to certain places. Some of them have been good and well-thought-out, while others were rash and perhaps led me off course. Then there were those that were completely out of my control.

As humans, we want to be in control in all aspects of our life. For me, I am lost when something is out of my control. But as I start to think about future goals and paths, I’m reminded that life is a journey. There will be setbacks. There will be heartaches. There will be failures. But as long as you have goals that push you, drive you, and force you out of your comfort zone, you will be successful.

It’s easy to be consumed by where you are now, and perhaps you feel stuck in your current routine — like you are on a hamster wheel. We’ve all been there. The great thing about life though, is that it is constantly changing and through change you can find a new perspective.

So the next time you fret about your life’s choices, direction, or progress, remind yourself that life is a journey — and it is one that needs to be enjoyed and experienced with your eyes open.