Flashback Friday

Spring Flowers

This was another one of those weeks that felt endless. Anyone else with me? Despite almost daily trips to Starbucks, gorgeous spring weather, and lots of sweets (sorry, not sorry), I just couldn’t help but think, is it Friday yet?

This week also left me wondering about something else…time. Thanks to those Facebook reminders, last year around this time I was in Rhode Island. And the year before that, I was in San Francisco (actually, I toured Alcatraz on Easter back in 2015). As lovely as it was to be reminded of those trips, it also led me to notice how fast this year has gone. Can you believe it is mid-April already and tax time? I swear, it was January five minutes ago.

So while I may have wished the week away, here’s hoping that if you are lucky enough to have a three-day holiday weekend upon you, that time slows down a bit—even if only for the next 72 hours.

Happy Easter!

Thoughts on a Summer Thursday

Summer Sunset

This summer is going by way too fast…as in, I’ve only been to the beach a handful of times and it’s almost the end of July…kind of fast. While I have no magical way to slow it down (if you do, please hook me up), I realized something the other night as I was driving home after my evening kickboxing class.

I wanted to see the sunset over the water, but didn’t want to wait the 20 minutes or so until the colors would be just right. So in my impatience, I continued on the dead end street — prepared to just see a blue sky and some clouds. But what I saw was even better. The sky was this beautiful shade of blue that was beginning to mix with a light pink. From the dock where I was standing, the sky could have been a painting.

It was in that moment that I realized some things you can’t plan. You just need to appreciate where you are, what’s in front of you, and the moment that you’re in. The sunset that I captured was one of the best I’ve seen. Not because it was rich and bold, but because it was unexpected and serene.

I’ve had it all wrong this summer. I’ve been trying to live every moment to the fullest, but perhaps I’ve overlooked the small moments that will also make memories. The iced cappuccino I randomly stopped for at my favorite cafe, the slightly cloudy beach day that culminated in rain, or the trip I’ll take out East this weekend that just popped up. Those spontaneous moments are the ones you remember forever.

Since none of us can slow time down, I challenge you to live for those random moments in your day. Say yes to a friend’s offer of dinner after work or go to the classical concert you just heard about in the park. Those unplanned moments remind you of what life is all about — and they will make time seem to stand still.

Cherishing Change

Cherishing Change

In case you couldn’t detect this, I am very excited about my trip to California. Not only will the weather be much warmer (LA is 90 degrees at the moment – insert happy face!), but I am looking forward to a change of scenery.

Since graduating college almost six years ago, and taking on a whole slew of responsibilities related to adulthood, I have found myself with less time for, well, myself! There were things out of my control that happened (ahem, thyroid cancer), roles I’ve happily assumed (taking care of my grandmother), and let’s not forget that pesky thing called a 40-hour workweek. Long gone are the leisurely weekend mornings, countless hours spent down at the barn and lazy days in the sun. Some things I knew I would need to forgo as I got older, while others make me wonder why I stayed away so long.

This trip marks my first post-thyroid cancer, and while it is a chance to explore and sightsee, it is also one to reflect and leave all the things that no longer serve me at home. It is an opportunity to focus on myself, where I am going and where I want to be. And for that, I am grateful and excited.

On this little adventure, getaway, sojourn – whatever you want to call it – I am looking forward to hiking in the great outdoors at Runyon Canyon (and maybe squeezing in an early morning yoga class in the park), touring Alcatraz, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and with any luck, making it to Big Sur. Although time will be at a premium, I want to use as much of it as I can to just soak it all in.

The last few years have been ones filled with changes for me – some have been positive, while others I have learned from. Change is inevitable. It is an important aspect of growth, but sometimes it is just as imperative to stop…reflect…explore…and regroup.