Working on the Workspace


I start off every summer having great expectations for projects around the house that I would like to complete. Last summer I didn’t really plan on accomplishing much except for being able to move my neck again after thyroid surgery. The summer before last I attempted to tackle landscaping, which was an epic fail.

Although I have procrastinated for months about taking on this much needed project, the time has finally come to organize my home office. Five years ago I converted a downstairs bedroom into my office. I chose a light blue color for the walls (I painted them myself!), which I thought would have a calming influence, and I purchased (and assembled!) a glass L- shaped desk. I replaced the room’s small window with a larger picture window that lets in more light and gives a better view of the outside. All was going well and I loved how the room was coming together.

Yet now, a few years later, I find I rarely have used the space for its intended purpose. I have become addicted to working off my iPad and like the flexibility it offers me to work from any spot in the house, usually the living room. As great as that is, I miss having a designated, usable area where I can write.

Part of the problem with my home office is its size. The room itself is small, and the desk takes up a good part of it. Finding suitable storage options for the space has been difficult and as a result my office gets cluttered easily. I roamed plenty of home decor stores over the past couple of years and found furniture that was either stylish but not functional, or practical but not pleasing.

With the help of Pinterest, I started a board to gather some ideas of what I want my home office to look like. Take a look at my Working in Steil board to see my inspiration. Within another month, I hope to have my office up and running again.

What essential items do you have in your home office? How do you keep your office organized and functional?



  1. Since I sometimes work from home now, I decided this winter to create a serene and chic workspace. My husband works from home full time so he gets the actual 4th bedroom as a real office, so I had to make to do with a nook in our bedroom. It was fun, I too did it all myself and now enjoy doing blog posts or my real ‘law’ work there 🙂

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