Loving XO

Loving XO

This week was the usual: crazy, busy – insert appropriate adjective here please. But when I heard Huntington was having a Restaurant Week of its very own I knew it would be too good to miss. Since I grew up in Huntington, I have eaten at most of the restaurants in town. Of course, new ones pop up all the time and I enjoy trying something different.

XO Wine & Chocolate Lounge has been on my list for a while. Just the name alone is enough to get me in the door. It’s not that new of a place, but somehow I never managed to make it there until now. And what better day to go than on National Dessert Day!

The corner restaurant was quiet on a Tuesday evening. Inside, a bar greets you before you make your way to the main dining area. I was impressed with the three-course menu offered for $27.95 per person. I ordered the bacon stuffed mozzarella sticks for my appetizer, which were excellent, and a skirt steak prepared medium rare with a coffee BBQ sauce for an entrée. I really enjoyed the unique flavor the sauce provided.

Loving XO - Bacon Stuffed Mozzarella Sticks

Loving XO - Coffee BBQ Skirt Steak

While both the appetizer and entrée were very good, I was secretly salivating over the dessert all evening. Since my 30-day-challenge is still ongoing, I went with a healthier dessert option and ordered the chocolate covered strawberries. They were the best chocolate strawberries I have ever had. The warm milk and white chocolate complemented the sweet strawberries perfectly. Thankfully, there were only three strawberries to be had or else I would have done some serious damage to my healthy eating challenge!

Loving XO - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you are looking for a fun restaurant to enjoy a glass of wine and indulge in some sweets this is definitely the place for you. Their chocolate fondue options are decadent and their regular dining menu is very satisfying. I especially liked the laid-back environment and the pleasant staff. XO has earned a permanent spot in my heart and will be one of my regular Huntington go-to’s.


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