Summer Beauty: Beach Hair Run A-Muk

Beach Muk

I’ve never won anything in my life (except that time I won a goldfish at a fair). So you can imagine my delight when I received a notification from the Long Island Pulse magazine telling me that I was the recipient of the summer beauty products they were giving away on Facebook!

I picked up my prize the next day and immediately started planning when I would try the products. The trio from Muk, an Australian haircare brand, contained Beach Muk, a sea salt spray, and Hot Muk, which included a thermal protector and a smoothing serum. I tend to flat iron my hair throughout the summer, unless I know it is going to be a beach day and then I will let it dry naturally. My hair is wavy, although it tends to get frizzy quickly, so it does require a fair amount of product to keep it from getting unruly. Since the weather has been hot and humid these past few days, I thought it was a good opportunity to try the sea salt spray.

Beach Muk

Last night I washed my hair and applied a few sprays (okay, probably more than that and more than you might need!) of the Beach Muk. The fine mist didn’t feel greasy and it had a pleasant smell. For me, that is a win-win. I dislike products that make my hands sticky and leave my hair feeling hard. Even in the wet state my hair was in, I knew I was going to like this product. I put my hair up and slept with it damp. In the morning I had a beautiful soft wave. My hair was not completely dry, so I sprayed a few more pumps of the sea salt mist. By the time I left for the office I had the perfect beach hair, which was still completely work appropriate!

Beach Muk is a great summer hair product to keep in your arsenal. It’s easy to apply – just spray and go, it’s light, and it makes your hair look like you just spent a day at the beach. I love that this product added texture to my hair and held the wavy look all day without falling flat. I’m excited to try the other products the next time I flat iron my hair, but since this look is so flattering for summer, it may be a while.



  1. I love sea salt. My hair is very thin and straight so of course I want to make it more luscious and voluminous! I use sea salt whenever I want my hair wavy and it works the best for me!

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