Oh, Fudge!

Chocology Unlimited

As a self-diagnosed chocoholic, I know good chocolate when it touches my tongue. If only being a chocoholic were a profession, I would surely be the CEO (I should probably look into that to make sure such a career path does not exist). So you can imagine my excitement when I arrived home one day to find a sweet treat waiting for me from Chocology Unlimited, a family-owned chocolate shop on Long Island.

Chocology Unlimited

A box of Fat Ass Fudge (with a name like that, you know it will be good!) and a nice note from the owner, Linda, surely beat the mailbox full or circulars, bills, and junk mail that usually greet me. Within minutes I opened the box of fudge and began devouring — I mean, slowly savoring the rich taste of each morsel. I soon realized that I better take photos of this gooey goodness, or else subjects would begin to vanish.

But lack of willpower aside, this was the best fudge I have ever had. And from all of the horse shows, fairs, and festivals I’ve attended, I know good fudge when I taste it.

Fat Ass Fudge is handmade with a few simple ingredients — Belgian chocolate, goat’s milk, and goat’s butter. It is also gluten free. So that means I can eat as much of it as I want, right?

Chocology Unlimited

First up, was the cappuccino fudge. Chocology uses espresso to enhance the taste, which was evident by the bold flavor of the cappuccino. It was so delicious that I had no choice but to savor each bite — and the flavor became richer the longer it was in my mouth.

Chocology Unlimited

Next up was the chocolate and walnut fudge. I loved the crunch factor of this piece. The walnuts gave the fudge a unique texture and complemented the chocolate nicely. The solid dark chocolate fudge was also incredibly decadent.

Chocology Unlimited

But for the most unique taste of all, I would have to hand that award to the peppermint fudge, which tasted like a candy cane. And who doesn’t love candy canes? I have never experienced peppermint fudge, but it exceeded any expectations I could’ve had. It was very sweet, but packed with flavor and crunch from broken candy canes in each bite.

Chocology Unlimited

With just four pieces of fudge, Chocology has melted my heart and became a new favorite. I’m always happy to support local family-owned businesses, and I love that Chocology takes my passion for sweets so seriously and strives to create a sensory experience for their customers with each bite. And did I mention that they make a donation to charities they support with every purchase? That’s right, eating chocolate can be good for you and the community. If you are on Long Island, visit them in their Port Jefferson location. If you’re not local, you can order one of their beautiful chocolate boxes (their collections look incredible!) or join their Chocolate Lovers Club, a 3, 6, or 9-month subscription service (sign me up!). You can also read their blog, Chocology Today, to learn more about chocolate, and follow Chocology on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Chocology’s chocolates and fudge make great gifts for just about any chocolate lover in your life — or gift some to yourself just for being you!

Thank you for the fudge, Chocology Unlimited!



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  2. Vanessa, now you’ve got me craving chocolate big time; thank goodness I have a bag of Godiva in the kitchen that I’m going to grab after typing this, haha! This looks and sounds absolutely delicious; I’ve never tried fudge with goat’s milk and butter before, I can imagine how smooth it must have tasted. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have an amazing weekend and definitely look into becoming a Chocoholic CEO 😉



    1. Oh, please let Chocoholic CEO be a profession, Jalisa! That may just be my calling life. I’m sorry that my post gave you a sugar craving — but just remember that chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. And that makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate is actually a salad. At least that’s how I rationalize my addiction. Have a great weekend!

  3. This is so delightful and Yummy… loved it even if I can’t taste it… I am no fan of sweets if it has no taste but just sugar but good chocolate and sweets I am game for it since it is yummy. So, nice to know you support local family owned business people, also good to know if you purchase chocolate from here then you contribute to charity as well. Lovely… also I like the ame Fat Ass Chocolate Fudge… yummylicious(:


    1. Thanks, Maria! I’m sure you would like this fudge. The flavors are incredible and it’s make with delicious ingredients. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for visiting Living in Steil!

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