Brunching Like a Boss

Toast, Huntington, New York

If there is one thing that I truly love it’s brunch. Since I despise mornings, brunch is the perfect way for me to indulge in my favorite meal (that would be breakfast), but at a much more civilized time (like, around noon). So when I find myself sleeping in on the weekends, a good brunch is pretty much the only thing that will get me out of bed—and starting my day.

This past weekend was no exception. When a friend suggested going to breakfast on Saturday morning, I excitedly researched new nooks that I had yet to try. A quick Google search of ‘best brunch spots on Long Island’ revealed a plethora of options, but one menu stood out in particular. A few lines into perusing the menu at Toast and Co. in Huntington Village, New York and I was sold. Something about the sound of chocolate stuffed cannoli cream waffles made looking at other menus seem superfluous. I immediately emailed my friend with my executive decision and set the time.

The café-like establishment with limited parking and people waiting at the door made me think of New York City hotspots. I was starving, so I feared a long wait. But to my surprise, we were seated immediately. Having salivated over those chocolate stuffed waffles since the night before, I knew what I wanted to order. Still, the menu was worth reading, and it featured the standard brunch fare—eggs benedict, French toast, waffles. You name it, it is probably on their brunch menu!

Despite the packed house, the service was prompt. After we ordered, we sipped our coffee and chatted until our food arrived. The inside of the café was small and fairly loud, but the copious amounts of coffee and prompt service made up for it.

Chocolate Cannoli Stuffed Waffles, Toast

I could hardly believe my eyes when my food arrived. It was a good thing that I was hungry and ready to indulge. I’m usually not a huge fan of chocolate waffles (which might seem strange for a chocoholic), but the rich waffles combined with the creamy cannoli filling almost melted in your mouth. When it was time for a break from sugar, I started working on the strawberries and whipped cream that came with my meal.

Overall, I would visit Toast again. The service was amazing given how crowded it was on a Saturday morning, and they have an impressive brunch and lunch menu. If you are looking for the best of the brunch on Long Island, this place is not to be missed!



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